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Centerfold stands are light weight and portable but super strong and look amazing. Whether you’re looking for an elegant stand to display your favorite vintage instrument  or one for the stage, we've got the right stand for you!


These stands are hand finished with Danish oil to seal the wood and enhance the depth of the grain. The edges are hand  rubbed smooth and and sealed with with furniture paste wax that cures hard and glassy. The custom stainless steel hinge has a brushed finish.


A unique and luxurious stand that will last a lifetime. Built to last in the USA using high quality  materials including:

- 7 ply Baltic birch

- stainless steel hinges and fasteners. 


Will fit solid and semi hollow electric guitars. The stand will not fit an acoustic guitar.

Centerfold 7 Ply Baltic Birch Guitar Stand - Hand finished Danish oil and wax

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